Strict Tempo!

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Strict Tempo!
RT StrictTempo.jpg
Studio album by Richard Thompson
Released September 1981
Recorded 1981 at BTW Studios, Wood Green, London and Woodworm Studios, Cropredy.
Genre Rock
Length 42.09
Label Elixir Records
Topic Records (CD, 1992)
Omnivore Recordings (CD, 2011)
Producer Richard Thompson
Richard Thompson chronology
Live! (more or less)
Strict Tempo!
Hand of Kindness

Strict Tempo! is an instrumental album by Richard Thompson released in 1981.

After the modest sales for their 1979 album Sunnyvista, Richard and Linda Thompson found themselves without a record deal. An album produced and financed by Gerry Rafferty (see Shoot Out the Lights for more details) failed to secure them a deal with a major label.

To generate some income, Richard Thompson formed his own record label Elixir Records and recorded this album mostly at the small BTW studio in London, and also at the Woodworm Studios at Cropredy.

The album consists of some of the artist's favourite tunes, all rendered as instrumentals and all arranged for guitar, mandolin, and other instruments played by Thompson. The only other musician is drummer Dave Mattacks.

The album was re-released on CD by Topic Records in 1992, and again on CD by Omnivore Recordings in 2011.

Track listing[edit]

All songs Traditional and arranged by Richard Thompson except where noted.

  1. "New-Fangled Flogging Reel/Kerry Reel"
  2. "Vaillance Polka Militaire/Belfast Polka"
  3. "Glencoe/Scott Skinner’s Rock/Bonny Banchory"
  4. "Banish Misfortune"
  5. "Dundee Hornpipe/Poppy-Leaf Hornpipe"
  6. "Do It For My Sake"
  7. "Rockin’ In Rhythm" (Duke Ellington)
  8. "The Random Jig/The Grinder"
  9. "Will Ye No Cam Back Again"
  10. "Cam O’er The Stream Charlie/Ye Banks And Braes"
  11. "Rufty Tufty/Nonsuch à la Mode de France"
  12. "Andalus/Radio Marrakesh"
  13. "The Knife-Edge" (Richard Thompson)


Other personnel[edit]

  • John Borthwick - engineer, BTW
  • Simon Nicol - engineer, Woodworm
  • Richard Thompson - producer, liner notes

Topic Records, 1992 CD[edit]

  • Tony Engle - design
  • David Suff - illustration (cover drawing), liner notes
  • Fin Costello - photography