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Stu is a masculine given name or nickname, usually a shortened form (hypocorism) of Stuart or Stewart. It may refer to:


  • Stu Barnes (born 1970), Canadian retired National Hockey League player
  • Stu Block (born 1977), Canadian singer-songwriter
  • Stu Briese (born 1945 or 1946), Canadian politician
  • Stu Clancy (1906-1965), National Football League quarterback
  • Stu Clarke (1906-1985), American Major League Baseball player
  • Stu Clarkson (1919-1957), American National Football League player
  • Stu Cook (born 1945) American musician, original bassist of Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Stuart Erwin (1903-1967), American actor
  • Stu Fisher (fl. 2002-present), English rock drummer
  • Stu Gardner, American musician and composer
  • Stu Holcomb (1910-1977), American college football and basketball coach and general manager of the Chicago White Sox Major League Baseball team
  • Stu Jackson (born 1955), American former National Basketball Association head coach and Executive Vice President
  • Stu Laird (born 1960), former Canadian Football League player
  • Stu Lang (born 1951), former Canadian Football League player, college head football coach
  • Stu Lantz (born 1946), American retired National Basketball Association player, television commentator
  • Stu Martin (baseball) (1912–1997), Major League Baseball player
  • Stu Miller (1927-2015), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Stu Pederson (born 1960), Major League Baseball player
  • Stu Phillips (composer) (born 1929), American film music composer
  • Stu Roberts (born 1965), New Zealand former cricketer
  • Stu Smith (1915-1969), American National Football League player
  • Stu Ungar (1953-1998), American poker, gin rummy and blackjack player and gambler
  • Stu Whittingham (born 1994), Scottish cricketer
  • F. Stuart Wilkins (1928-2011), American football player, lawyer and businessman


  • Stu Hart (1915-2003), Canadian amateur and professional wrestler, promoter and trainer
  • Stu Linder (1931-2006), American film editor
  • R. Stewart Wood (born 1934), American Episcopal bishop

Other or indeterminate[edit]

  • Steve Burguiere (born 1976), American radio producer and personality, executive producer and head writer of The Glenn Beck Program
  • Stu Davis (1921-2007), Canadian singer, songwriter, storyteller and musician born David Stewart
  • Stu Jacobs (born 1965), New Zealand former association football player and manager
  • Stu Martin (drummer) (1938–1980), American jazz drummer
  • Stu Nahan (1926–2007), Canadian-American sportscaster
  • Stu Phillips (country singer) (born 1933), Canadian-born country music performer and Grand Ole Opry member
  • Stu Rasmussen (born 1948), American politician and the nation's first openly transgender mayor
  • Stu Williamson (1933–1991), American jazz trumpeter

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