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Sudhakara Dvivedi (1855–1910) was an Indian scholar in Sanskrit and mathematics.


Sudhakara Dvivedi was born in 1855 in Khajuri, a village near Varanasi. In childhood he studied mathematics under Pandit Devakrsna.

In 1883 he was appointed a librarian in the Government Sanskrit College, Varanasi where in 1890 he was appointed the teacher of mathematics and astrology after Bapudeva Sastri retired in 1889.[1]

He was the head of mathematics department in Queen's college Benaras from where he retired in 1905 and mathematician Ganesh Prasad became the new head of department.[2] Dvivedi wrote a number of translations, commentaries and treatises, including one on algebra which included topics such as Pellian equations, squares, and Diophantine equations.[3]

Works in sanskrit[edit]

Works in Hindi[edit]

  • Differential Calculus (1886)[4]
  • Integral Calculus (1895)[4]
  • Theory of equations (1897)[4]
  • A History of Hindu mathematics I (1910)


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