Swiss animal protection referendum, 1893

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A referendum on animal protection was held in Switzerland on 20 August 1893.[1] Voters were asked whether they approved of prohibiting butchering without the animals being anaesthetised.[1] The proposal was approved by 60.1% of voters and a narrow majority of cantons.[1]


The referendum was a popular initiative,[1] forced by the collection of 100,000 signatures.[2] As it involved changing the constitution, a double majority of both votes and cantons was required for the proposal to pass.[2]


Choice Popular vote Cantons
Votes % Full Half Total
For 191,527 60.1 10 3 11.5
Against 127,101 39.9 9 3 10.5
Blank votes 8,600
Invalid votes 1,755
Total 328,983 100 19 6 22
Registered voters/turnout 668,913 49.2
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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