Syrian Republic (1930–1963)

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The Syrian Republic was a period in the history of Syria which lasted from 1930 to 1963.

This period can further be divided into two periods differing based on the political affiliation of the country:

  • Mandatory Syrian Republic (1930–1946), formed in 1930 as a component of the Mandate for Syria and the Lebanon, succeeding the State of Syria.[1][2] A treaty of independence was made in 1936 to grant independence to Syria and end official French rule, but the French parliament refused to accept the agreement. From 1940 to 1941, the Syrian Republic was under the control of Vichy France, and after the Allied invasion in 1941 gradually went on the path towards independence. The proclamation of independence took place in 1944, but only in October 1945 Syrian Republic was de jure recognized by the United Nations; it became a de facto sovereign state on 17 April 1946, with the withdrawal of French troops.
  • Syrian Republic (1946–1963) (part of the United Arab Republic union during 1958–1961), recognized as a sovereign state in 1945 and becoming de facto independent in April 1946 from the Mandate for Syria and the Lebanon. In 1958, Syria joined with the Republic of Egypt in forming the United Arab Republic, though Syria withdrew from the union in 1961 and adopted the name Syrian Arab Republic. In 1963, the Syrian Ba'athist party came to power in a bloody military coup, which laid foundations for the political structure in Syria for the next decades.[3][4]


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