Taşköy, Nusaybin

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Skyline of Taşköy
Taşköy is located in Turkey
Location of Arbo in Turkey
Coordinates: 37°16′24″N 41°29′3″E / 37.27333°N 41.48417°E / 37.27333; 41.48417Coordinates: 37°16′24″N 41°29′3″E / 37.27333°N 41.48417°E / 37.27333; 41.48417
Country  Turkey
Region Southeastern Anatolia
Province Mardin
Population (2010)
 • Total 59
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal code 47xxx
Area code(s) +(90)482

Taşköy (Syriac: ܐܪܒܐʼArbo, Kurdish: Arboy‎) is a village located in Nusaybin district of Mardin Province of Turkey. It is situated about 30 km south of Midyat and 6 km to Mor Gabriel Monastery. The village is located within the historic region of Tur Abdin.


The Turkish name of the village comprises two words, "taş" ("stone" in Turkish) and "köy" ("village" in Turkish), therefore Taşköy translates to "stone village".


Arbo is first mentioned during Roman rule. The village is recorded as one of the few Christian villages spared by the armies of Timur in c. 1400 AD. Several high ranking members of the Syriac Orthodox Church, including patriarchs and maphrians, such as Dioscorus Behnam II Arabayo and Ignatius Saba of Arbo, were born in Arbo. In c. 1916, during the Assyrian Genocide, 70 families inhabited Arbo and found refuge at the monasteries of Mor Malke and Mor Eliyo. The village was inhabited by 30 families in 1980, however, by 1989, the village had been abandoned. Efforts to rebuild Arbo has led to the reconstruction of nine houses and the restoration of the Church of Joldath Aloho in August 2015.