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Tadić (Serbo-Croatian pronunciation: [tǎdiːt͡ɕ], Serbian Cyrillic: Тадић) is a Serbian surname, a patronymic and diminutive of the masculine given name Tadija. It may refer to:


Tadić brotherhood in Piva[edit]

See also: Piva (tribe)

In Piva, a historical tribe of Old Herzegovina (now western Montenegro), there was a brotherhood (bratstvo) named Tadić. This brotherhood was one of the largest and oldest brotherhoods of Piva.[1] Blagojević 1971 recorded 45 houses of Tadić in Piva.[1] They have for long lived in Smriječno (in Plužine), where they are mainly concentrated, while one or two houses exist in Potprisoje, Donja Brezna and Stabna, which they settled later.[2] The brotherhood has the slava (patron saint veneration) of Jovanjdan (John the Baptist).[3] It belongs to the family tree of the old brotherhood of Branilović,[3] one of two family trees in Piva from which many Pivan families descend from according to tradition;[4] the Branilović either left or was absorbed by other families.[5] A knez Jovan Tadić is mentioned in a 1673 document from the Piva Monastery, as one of the witnesses regarding the bequest of Bare on Jezerce to the monastery.[3] According to one story, 17th-century hajduk Bajo Pivljanin's mother was a Tadić.[6] Families descending from the brotherhood are widespread in former Yugoslavia. Former President of Serbia, Boris Tadić, is a descendant of the brotherhood.[7]


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  • Радивоје М. Тадић. Генеалогија пивског братства Тадић и друга братства презимена Тадић. 

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