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Not to be confused with Duchy of Saint Sava.
Old Herzegovina (in Montenegro)

Old Herzegovina (Montenegrin: Стара Херцеговина, Stara Hercegovina) is a historical region in Montenegro, which is not part of the current state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.[citation needed]

The area includes part of present-day Montenegro, with the coastal area of Herceg Novi, the region around Nikšić, and the mountainous area spanning towards Pljevlja. The area is also assumed to include Prijepolje, which is currently in Serbia, and the areas around Foča, Kalinovik, and Goražde, which are today included in the Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The name comes from the medieval Duchy of St. Sava, established by herzog Stefan Vukčić Kosača within the Kingdom of Bosnia, and the Ottoman-era Sanjak of Herzegovina. Between 1580 and 1867, Herzegovina was part of the Bosnia Eyalet, and briefly part of Herzegovina Eyalet (1833–1851), of the Ottoman Empire. The eastern portion of Herzegovina was annexed to the Principality of Montenegro after the Congress of Berlin (1878), while the rest was established the Condominium of Bosnia and Herzegovina under Austro-Hungarian rule.

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