Taipei Taiwan Temple

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Taipei Taiwan Temple
Taipei Taiwan Temple
Taipei Taiwan Temple
Number 31 edit data
Dedicated 17 November 1984 (17 November 1984) by
Gordon B. Hinckley
Site 0.5 acres (0.2 hectares)
Floor area 9,945 sq ft (924 m2)
Height 126 ft (38 m)
Preceded by Dallas Texas Temple
Followed by Guatemala City Guatemala Temple
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Coordinates: 25°1′52.95719″N 121°31′40.05840″E / 25.0313769972°N 121.5277940000°E / 25.0313769972; 121.5277940000 The Taipei Taiwan Temple (Chinese: 臺灣臺北聖殿; pinyin: Táiwān Táiběi Shèngdiàn) is the 31st operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), and is located in Taipei City, Taiwan.

Missionaries from the LDS Church first came to Taiwan in 1956. The Taipei Taiwan Temple was announced in 1981 and church leaders decided to build on the site of the mission home in the center of Taipei.

On November 17, 1984, Gordon B. Hinckley dedicated the Taipei Taiwan Temple. The temple is built on one-half of an acre and has over 16,000 square feet (1,500 m2) with an exterior of white ceramic tile. There are four ordinance rooms and three sealing rooms.

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