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Lets talk...[edit]

why not move title from 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-iodoamphetamine to DOI (psychedelic)? much simpler title really —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Use the force (talkcontribs) 13:27, 15 February 2007 (UTC).

Because WP articles should have correct titles, and not necessary simple ones. But your recommendation is also implemented in DOI. WP can its cake AND you can have it too :-). Wim van Dorst (talk) 21:48, 11 November 2008 (UTC).
The common explanation that these molecules (manifestagens/entheogens/psychedelics/empathogens) act as agonists or antagonists of the endogenous neuro-pathways is completely impotent at determining the cause of their specific effects and the specifics of what effects they cause... and who's cause they effect? This (mis?)conceptualization of their function and utility simply does not explain the activity of these molecules in any more than a rudimentary way. Whoever figures this out probably wins a lot, but its not me because I am a poor slave of the lowest industrial class just above toxic waste cast into our oceans. I WILL INFORMATION FUCK YOU. (Molecule speaking. I didn't take any yet but there is no cause for lack of effect when causality is taken out of effect...)
A more potent conclusion, based on actual research -assuming it was done before the passing of THE IDIOT ACT of 1972 and its ANTI-BRAIN AMENDMENT, would conclude activity and utility (as consciousness expanding substances to start off) that would then cause the understanding of the fractal-geometry of their meta-structure... Leading to potentially limitless insights. Furthermore would derive from the comparison of the molecular progressions of the internal metabolic pathways (B12->T->5-HT). Is it so difficult to see that the extended metabolic pathway of an evolved neurochemical set would be structured for further augmentation? Am I having illegal thoughts again? I guess we just better stay dumb and hope that our overlords are merciful... When will the humans wake up?18:39, 5 February 2009 (talk)


The tone of this article sounds like a commercial for users. Ridiculous.Freakdog (talk) 01:27, 3 October 2009 (UTC)

Chembox vs. Drugbox[edit]

Hi, people, I think that a drugbox might be more appropriate for this page than the chembox. What do you think? Fuse809 (talk) 05:22, 4 March 2014 (UTC)

Legal Status in Canada[edit]

The section on legal status in Canada seems to be largely incorrect. The first citation points to an out-of-date page when the actual act it cites doesn't contain any info on DOI [1]

The second citation just links to the Controlled Substances act.

The third link is a 404 so I can't say for certain what was there.

This seems to imply that DOI is in a legal grey area or possibly unscheduled. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Omicron91 (talkcontribs) 01:28, 26 December 2015 (UTC)

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