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Removed deletion template[edit]

I noticed a template mentioning that this article was up for deletion because of lack of notability since the wording indicated that a single issue had not been published. This is not entirely accurate and has been corrected in the article.

While I appreciate the concerns of the editor, I also note that the journal is up and running with over 10 published, peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts. .Please also note the academic affiliations of the editors and editorial board.

Since the journal is currently publishing articles it is indexed by Chemical Abstracts Service (criteria 1 on notability page - "the journal is considered by reliable sources to be influential in its subject area"; please see note #1). The journal is on track to be indexed in Medline in the middle of 2010. In addition, One of the peer-reviewed articles of the journal has also been cited and the subject of a news piece in Chemical & Engineering News,

Finally authors include top neuroscientists such as Joanna Fowler a recipient of the 2009 US National Medal of Science, Nora Volkow (director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse of the NIH, and P. Jeff Conn editor-in-chief of Molecular Pharmacology

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