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Personal life

Lusavela Mbem was born in September 16 1995 in the Eastern Cape (Qumbu), South Africa. She has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. She is well known as a beautiful person who always loved fashion and style. She states “Fashion changes, but style endures.”

Lusavela Mbem resides in Cape Town with her Brother. Her mother tongue is Xhosa and she converses fluently in English. Her Brother “Baxolile Mbem” accompanies her on film shoots, events, and functions, and they have appeared together only in a Newspaper Advertisements. About her relationship with her mother, Lusavela remarks, "She has been the pillar of my strength and has stood by me like a rock through thick and thin. [...] Everyone in the industry and my friends know how close I'm to my mom.

Acting and Modelling Career

She started modeling at a young age, landing her first Newspaper Article at age 16. Combining her exotic looks with an interest in acting, she began a film career as a teen. After early roles in Skeem at CA FILMS (2013) she gave a breakthrough performance in 2015 ON 100% Youth TV Fashion show (Bookha Creations Designs) Since then, she has earned a reputation for playing feisty. Lusavela is also known as a beautiful singer but has not embraced that side of her at the moment.

Lusavela Mbem landed her second Newspaper with City Vision (News24 online) about her dreadlocks.


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Model sticks to her ‘prohibitive’ dread locks by: City Vision

A Khayelitsha model is determined to make in the modeling industry without sacrificing her dreadlocks.

The 21 year old Lusavela Mbem is not willing to let go of her locks in order to get more work in the advertising work.

She said she felt she has received less work ever since she started to wear her locks again but that’s not stopping her.

“It is very disappointing to get a call in at auditions and you can see from the way that they look at you won’t get the job.

People get shocked when they see how long my locks are and it generally ends there,” said Mbem.

She is currently doing her internship as a tourism administrator at Ilios Travel as part of her tourism course at the College of Cape Town.

She believes that she received more work before she got her locks back in January. “It’s a lot harder but the rewards are worthy in that for me when I wear dreadlocks I feel self assured and confident.

They are beautiful, well kept and I can only wish that they can be more accepted in the industry,” said Mbem.

She said that she hoped that she will motivate other youngsters to rock their locks proudly.

“I want people to be proud of their natural hair and it is for this reason that I have started my movement called DreadFam where I hope more models will be grown.

To specialize in dreadlock modeling and have photographers that will take amazing lock inspired pictures,” she said.

She said it was disappointing that dreadlocks were frowned upon with all the benefits. Dreadlocks are generally prohibited even in majority black schools in the townships as they are regarded to be dirty and unappealing.

In January, Khayelitsha’s Azania Stofile made headlines after he was refused acceptance as a result of having dreadlocks.

He was later accepted at the school following public uproar but loacks are generally disliked in schools.

Mbem says she would love for more people to see the beauty of locks and the benefit they come with.

“Dreadlocks are easy to maintain, less expensive and can be worn with various styles. I hope that more people will wear their locks proudly and make it more acceptable in our community,” she said.

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