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Needs Expanding. SkeenaR 19:36, 11 January 2006 (UTC)

Was he the "Minister for Research and Technology" as stated (perhaps a position that existed in the early 80s but no longer), or was he either the Federal Minister for Economics and Technologies, or the Federal Minister for Education and Research? See Cabinet of Germany. Schizombie 06:18, 27 February 2006 (UTC)

The german Wiki seems to have more info about him, i asked there, but it seems like i dont get any response. --Striver 20:00, 30 March 2006 (UTC)

From de:Bundesministerium_für_Bildung_und_Forschung#Bundesminister_f.C3.BCr_Forschung_und_Technologie_.281974-1994.29 it appears it was a title that existed from 74-94. It appears Federal Minister for Education and Research is the current title. Esquizombi 22:06, 30 March 2006 (UTC)

I have edited a few passages in order to remove the blatant bias against Andreas von Bülow as some kind of anti-semitic conspiracy kook. Such slanderous claims must either be substantiated or at least referenced, which was not the case. An ominous "Tageszeitung" article that is no longer available anywhere, without a verbatim quote, is not sufficient to prove or indicate the alleged "anti-semitism", or enlighten the reader. On the other hand, such a claim may have devastating results on the public image of a person, especially in Germany. And it is, of course, patently wrong and idiotic to boot.

the taz can be found here [1]. It can not be denied that vB is seen by many, if not most, people as an "anti-semitic conspiracy kook"; the fact thus is an important piece in the article. --HBS 10:41, 23 April 2006 (UTC)
of course it must be denied that "von Bülow is seen by many" as "anti-semitic conspiracy kook". Not even Esther Schapira would make such an outlandish claim. Although from her musings - where she carefully avoids reasoned argument, but heaps insinuation upon insinuation, slander upon lie - something for just about everyone, it seems (Walser, Honderich et al, all anti-Semites in her opinion; von Bülow figures in just about two sentences, one of which is a direct lie) - you would get the impression that the Nazis will take over shortly in Germany, in case they haven't already. I read Schapira's articles from early on, when she was a young freelancer with "Pflasterstrand", the central organ of leftwing radicalism in Frankfurt am Main at the time. Somehow she seems to have drifted away. Nothing but Israel matters, apparently, and anyone who has the GALL to take an ever so slightly different view must be taken to task. The award-winninig film "Paradise Now"? Should not be shown in schools, fishes for sympathies with the wrong people, her own film on suicide attackers is much, much better, of course. Very sad, such zealotry, and definitely not representative for more than a very tiny minority. --Rkrichbaum 09:17, 26 April 2006 (UTC)

I have added a passage under "political career" - the Schalck-Golodkowski investigation committee is an often mentioned stage in von Bülow's career that leads to his later investigations into the CIA, source: Tagesspiegel interview, mirrored on the Web in various places.

--Rkrichbaum 23:38, 22 April 2006 (UTC)

Removed nonsensical and baseless assertion made by a single person which served to poison the well. The sole purpose of its presence seemed to be an attempt to smear Mr van Bulow with the label of anti semitism. If this was acceptable in Wikipedia then any ridiculous claim anyone made would be acceptable in the criticism section - for example one could randomly pick various high profile persons and randomly try to smear them with baseless perjorative labels like racist, paedophile, robber etc.

11 September 2006