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I'm not sure that the term "bitter" is a fair description. Banyan Systems had some excellent products, but the corporation ultimately failed due to numerous missteps and poor decisions by its management. That's not bitterness, it's fact.

All versions of VINES had a menu selection for gaining access to the UNIX kernel; however, it was password-protected, and as stated in the article, the passwords were closely guarded by Banyan.

For its later versions of VINES, Banyan did offer a VINES Toolkit for sale. It was designed for third-party developers, and allowed access to APIs and a limited set of UNIX functions. It did not provide direct access to the UNIX kernel. Again, the only way to get direct access was to know the password.

As to POV problems - the history of a small company like Banyan, which was privately-held for the majority of its existence, would necessarily have to be written by insiders. To me this means there will always be some unavoidable bias in the POV. If that makes it unacceptable for inclusion on Wikipedia, the article should be deleted. I hope that does not happen though, because I think it would be a shame. I have not been able to find any evidence of another attempt to summarize the history of this company. If this article is deleted, who will write another, and if someone did, would it be an improvement? (talk) 22:38, 11 May 2008 (UTC)