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"Her spelling has been widely used as a middle name by her Beresford descendants; some of the Powers also adopted this fashionable spelling. Some romantics also claimed a connection with Poher in Brittany."

At this time there is dna testing of the family members of Poor, de la Poer, Power, Powers and Parr among others. One member has already been tested and shown to match the dna obtained from Rollo the Viking. Please amend your page to reflect that far from being Romantic as dna tests are coming in the family is proving to be exactly as they said they were. All came from the lineage of the Champagne Nobility which NOTE also had Ralf du Bec who was one of the sons of Geoffrey Count de Brionne. Gilbert Crispin was Ralf du Bec's brother. The dna experts have cited that all the tests for the family so far have gone back to Ralf de Pomaria and Ralf du Bec. Please consult with dna experts as the tests roll in for the results for the Crispin Avranches group. Thankyou