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Elyse Diaz & Thelma Terrero October 22, 2012 Outline of Writing Plan

The article we chose on Bicultural Identity does not contain enough information. It needs define Bicultural Identity in the first line. It also doesn’t have any subheading so the structure is not clear. The links are not demonstrated throughout the article, but rather condensed in the beginning. The quote mentioned at the beginning of the article is not cited properly within the article. They don’t equally represent examples of other cultures besides Asian Americans.

To Do List 1. Define the term Bicultural Identity in a elaborate fashion. 2. Remove examples in the first paragraph 3. Remove the “second generation Indian American” quote. 4. Make heading for BII, Cultural Framing Switching, and different cultures such as Hispanic American, Asian American, & African American. 5. Make a heading for Immigrant experience related to bicultural identity. 6. Make a heading for language and its relation to bicultural identity. 7. Add pictures representing bicultural identities. 8. Impact section with subheadings for how biculturalism influences your social interactions, academics or attitudes towards education, & everyday choices such as food or clothing style. 9. Links on Multiculturalism, Racial Integration, Immigration, Multilingualism, 10. Make a heading for Integration 11. Add a content box 12. Add a “See Also” section

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These are all excellent edits and suggestions. I also encourage you to make sure to relate it to this course's focus on personality. Looking forward to it! -EM Testaccountpy242 (talk) 17:05, 7 November 2012 (UTC)