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More information?[edit]

what about the information on this region there is no info on this page. u need to make it clear that there is or isn't info on it.

This article states Okayama may or may not be included, as only three of its component provinces (Mimasaka, Bizen and Bitchu) were considered Middle Countries., yet the page on Okayama Prefecture states Okayama Prefecture was formerly divided into Bitchu Province, Bizen Province, and Mimasaka Province until the Meiji Restoration. This is contradictory. If those three provinces were considered middle countries, then that's all of Okayama.
Checking the Japanese entry, I see that the information on this page is innacurate. Mimasaka and Bizen were considered near countries. Bitchu was the only one considered a Middle Country. I'll fix that. - Nik42 21:57, 15 Mar 2005 (UTC)