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"The first Briton killed in a flying accident"[edit]

This statement is not true. The gliding pioneer Percy Pilcher died in 1899 and is thus the first Briton to die in a flying accident. The statement might be amended to read "first Briton killed in powered flight" as opposed to Pilcher who was killed when the tail broke off his glider. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 02:19, 18 January 2015 (UTC)

Agree, the sentence is not referenced but the Times described him as "the tenth airman who has met a fatal accident in a motor-driven flying machine, and he is the first Englishman who has sacrificed his life in the cause of modern aviation". The article says he is the eleventh does anybody have a reliable source for that, the Times has:
  1. Lieutenant Selfridge, at Washington, 11 September 1908
  2. M. Lefebvre, at Juvisy, 7 September 1909
  3. Captain Ferber, at Boulognem 22 September 1909
  4. Senor Fernandez, at Nice, 6 December 1909
  5. M. Delgrange, at Pau, 4 January 1910
  6. M. Le Blon, at San Sebastian, 2 April 1910
  7. M. Michelin, at Lyons, 13 May 1910
  8. Herr Thaddeus Robl, at Stettin, 18 June 1910
  9. M. Charles Wachter, at Rheims, 4 july 1910