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Fraser River/Fraser Basin/Fraser Plateau[edit]

As suggested by the subheader, I'm considering a Fraser Basin article to go with its counteparts; Fraser Plateau of all BC's plateaus I hadn't done yet, but I have a core source for a definition of it now (S. Holland, 1976); but there's an exissting article Fraser Plateau and Basin complex which is a WWF designation, but not anything anyone else uses; which is why thet thought of a Fraser Basin article occurred to me. The Fraser River and Fraser Canyon articles area already large, though not as well-done as the Columbia articles; partly I'm looking for help, but also suggestions on how to distinguish different content-elements between the river, basin, plateau and canyon articles (and subcanyon/feature articles like Hell's Gate). I'm intent that Fraser Plateau and Basin complex needs splitting, so will at least start the basin stub as it's more integrating the Fraser Plateau article into the various other BC plateau articles Thompson Plateau,which needs revision, and Chilcotin Plateau and others/Interior Plateau being the main one, which in combination with the Columbia Plateau is, I suppose, the Northwest Plateau..of terms like Category:Indigenous languages of the Northwest Plateau). I admire the work done on coordinating the Columbia articles; the Fraser has related content and some common history, so....anyway any input or collaboration more than welcome in the undertaking. Oh:

, or as the area bounded by the Cascades, Blue, Wallowa, and Rocky mountain ranges

...should read [[Cascade Mountains, Thompson Plateau, Monahsee Mountains, Canadian Rockies etc for the the perimeter of the basin in Canada. Or rather it traverses the Thompson Plateau and Shuswap Highland between teh spines of the Cascades and Monashees. The Okanagan Highland is entirely inside the Columbia Basin; the Shuswap Highland spans the Columbia and Thompson/Shuswap basins.Skookum1 (talk) 02:55, 8 June 2008 (UTC)

Basin boundaries[edit]

I found this link that talks about a 100,000 square mile area. Seems like the best source I've seen yet for what's commonly meant by "Columbia Basin." -Pete (talk) 20:10, 9 September 2009 (UTC)