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Quick edit[edit]

One minute after creating this article, someone ( added information that, to the best of my knowledge, is unfounded and at a minimum, not from a NPOV. Too, whoever decided to use their genius to add to my hard work, can't bother to check spelling and horriffic grammar. Changing an article is one thing, screwing it up with crap and neglect, another.....DW

I am willing to go and check that Kahnweiler that decamped from France prior to outbreak of hostilities but I afraid that it is absolutely true that Picasso thought Kahnweiler had deserted him and that the two broke from one another during the wartime period. Kahnweiler did again become Picasso's agent but much later. Kahnweiler felt that Picasso was not being realistic and was refusing to recognise the reality of his situation. Neither men were very NPOV I am afraid, but declaring their views is.
Apologies for my "horriffic" spelling and grammar, pot-kettle-black etc. You do not actually need a comma in every sentence, particularly if you are not pausing in your phrasing. Also "damp" causes damage to objects not "dampness".

The new section on the WWI years is drawn from John Richardson's A life of Picasso Vol. 2.


Is this NPOV:? Kahnweiler was one of the most extraordinary and unique art connoisseurs of the 20th century -- Zoe

It would be nice to see some academic references on the front page; I've been reading Kahnweiler's published interview with Francis Crémieux (Thames and Hudson, 1971) and Kahnweiler's own account of the WW1 situation and in fact of his own long relationship with Picasso (maybe predictably, but it all reads very matter-of-factly) is rather different. VK —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 12:00, 16 January 2008 (UTC)