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While its nice that this guy has a page, and he seems notable enough, I don't think hes the only musician out there with the name Dave Matthews. Maybe a better title would serve this guy well? -zappa.jake (talk) 07:21, 2 August 2006 (UTC)

Toto wrote the soundtrack[edit]

Someone is fibbing. See Dune (movie soundtrack). WVhybrid 22:09, 2 August 2006 (UTC)

There already is an article for Dave Matthews from South Africa and his band The Dave Matthews Band. Those articles have nothing to do with David Matthews (musician). The claims made by the article are not true. The band Toto (band) wrote the music for the movie Dune (film) claimed on the site. See the article Dune (movie soundtrack) for more details about Toto and the soundtrack. Please note that none of the Toto band members are named "David Matthews". I also did a Google search for the song Sandworm, and found nothing except a group named Giant Sandworm, but no song. Just in case the editor of this article mistook the film Dune for the TV mini-series Dune I also check the soundtrack of the TV series. That soundtrack was written by Graeme Revell. There is no doubt that this article (David Matthews (musician)) is a hoax. The external link to the Dave Matthews Band is incorrect. WVhybrid 03:25, 3 August 2006 (UTC)
Yeah, that's my mistake. I've reverted those errors and placed a prod tag on the article. - Bootstoots 03:31, 3 August 2006 (UTC)

Hi Guys,

I created the David Matthews (musician) page in good faith, but problems have arisen because there are, unfortunately, several musicians with the name David Matthews. While Dave Matthews the jam band guy is best known, there also exist David Matthews the composer, and, the man I added, David Matthews, the jazz and funk keyboardist, musician, and sometime arranger for James Brown and the CTI Records jazz label. This David Matthews is not very well known, so I can see why you might have thought that this entry was a hoax. However, David Matthews is a musician who's been active since the 1960s and who has worked with several big name musicians like Buddy Rich, Bonnie Raitt, and James Brown. A quick trip to the All Music Guide or even will confirm as much. I would like to rename the entry David Matthews (keyboardist) but I'm not sure how to do it. Any help appreciated!

Next, the Dune soundtrack attribution appears incorrect, but, this jazz musician David Matthews that I've added definitely released an album entitled "Dune" on CTI Records (Creed Taylor Inc) (CTI75005) in 1977. Here is an Amazon page for it

So, please don't delete the David Matthews entry, I'm improving it and I hope to clear up any conclusion asap.



Ok, I've removed the Dune soundtrack attribution from the David Matthews (musician) page, and listed it instead as just a David Matthews album. Here is detailed info on the Dune album by David Matthews if you are interested. Note that "Sandworms" is indeed a track listed.

Hey Guys,

I've moved the David Matthews (musician) page over to David Matthews (keyboardist). Hope this clears things up.


Thank you everyone who stepped up to the plate on this article. This is a much better and more accurate article now. WVhybrid 00:03, 6 August 2006 (UTC)