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WikiProject Jazz is a group of editors writing and maintaining Wikipedia's articles on all things jazz. The parent of this WikiProject is WikiProject music genres. On our project talk page, all editors working in the area (not just members) can exchange ideas and ask questions.

New members are always welcome! If you are new to Wikipedia, the first thing to do is to become a registered user – see Wikipedia:How to log in. (There is also an FAQ at Wikipedia:Contributing FAQ.) If you wish to participate in WikiProject Jazz, then add your name to our participants section.


This WikiProject aims to:

  • Improve and standardize existing jazz-related articles.
  • Create any needed jazz articles.
  • Elevate as many jazz-related articles as possible to Good or Featured status.
  • Coordinate positive contributions to articles relating to all aspects and styles of jazz.

This WikiProject does not aim to:

  • Act in an exclusionary way toward any particular styles of jazz or any jazz musicians.

How you can help[edit]

  • Any improvement to jazz-related articles, no matter how minor, is welcome, as is copyediting! Keep in mind Wikipedia's policies regarding neutral point of view.
  • If there is a jazz-related article that Wikipedia doesn't currently have, create one! It doesn't have to be a masterpiece; a stub will do at first.
  • Add appropriate media to articles. Make sure any media (particularly images) used are tagged and used properly. See Wikipedia:Fair use for more information.

Requests and to-do[edit]

To request a new article, to add to the list of articles needing expansion or improvement, or to find things to do at the jazz portal, go to Wikipedia:WikiProject Jazz/To do.

To see lists of jazz articles sorted by what cleanup they require, click on "Cleanup listing for this project" in the box in this section (warning: the page may take a long time to load).

Alternatively, just add your comment to the jazz project's talk page.

Articles and assessments[edit]

Index · Statistics · Log

All articles linked to WikiProject Jazz link to this page, see What links here. This includes all talk pages with the project banner. The table to the right, which is updated every few days, summarises all these articles, by quality and importance – click on a number to see a list of all WikiProject Jazz articles of that kind. Wikipedia:WikiProject Jazz/Popular pages is a list of the most-viewed pages in the scope of the Project, refreshed monthly.

Articles that are awaiting review for promotion to Featured Articles, Featured Lists or Good Articles are listed below.

Featured article candidates

Project members[edit]

  • The following are participants in Wikipedia:WikiProject Jazz... Anyone may join!
  • To join simply click here and add yourself at the bottom of the list.
  • Please use the {{user|username}} template

Active participants[edit]

There is also a list of inactive members that includes those who have not edited for at least six months. If you have returned and can't find your name in Active participants, it may have been moved there; feel free to move it back.

Inactive participants[edit]

This list includes project members who have not edited for at least six months; it is manually updated on a periodic basis. If your name has been moved here, feel free to move it back to the active list when you return.


To show your involvement in the project, you can add one of the userboxes below to your user page. Just copy the following text and paste it somewhere on your user page – {{participant|Jazz}}, or {{User Wikiproject Jazz}}. When one of the boxes is added, your name will automatically be included in Category:WikiProject Jazz participants.

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