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List of potential sources[edit]

I posted this at Talk:Aaron Swartz#Demand Progress article, but I'll repost it here too to help people working on this article - some sources I found with varying amounts of coverage:

  • WPRI 2010: "Segal’s new project is Demand Progress, a federal political action committee and 527 he co-founded along with Aaron Swartz. They got to know each other during the congressional campaign – Swartz used to be with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which helped nudge Segal into the CD1 race. Segal is Demand Progress’ campaign director and Swartz is its executive director. “So far it’s been a lot of work on banking reform, free speech, and Internet freedom,” Segal said."
  • CNet 2011: "The progressive activists at Demand Progress could, reasonably, be viewed as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's natural enemy on most technological topics...the Motion Picture Association of America had already claimed that Demand Progress was allied "with at least one--and who knows how many more--offshore rogue Web sites that promote the theft and illegal marketing of American products like movies, video games and software." David Moon, Demand Progress' program director, told CNET today that the Chamber's attack on his organization is a sign that an online anti-SOPA campaign is working."
  • PCWorld 2011: "More than 30,000 U.S. residents sent messages to their lawmakers early Tuesday, Demand Progress said, after the group called on its members to ask their elected representatives to refuse to sponsor the House version of PROTECT IP...Demand Progress will oppose the House bill if it looks like the Senate version, said David Segal, Demand Progress' executive director."
  • Variety 2011: "Demand Progress said 70 representatives of tech companies and advocacy groups held a strategy session over the weekend and have launched a campaign called "Censor Everything" week, with the goal of driving "more constituent contacts to Congress than we've seen in years," in the words of Demand Progress executive director David Segal."
  • WPRI 2011: "Since his unsuccessful congressional bid last year, former state Rep. David Segal has been keeping busy running Demand Progress, a new federal political action committee and 527 group he cofounded last year that advocates for civil liberties, net neutrality and related issues. But now Demand Progress is making news rather than responding to it. Segal’s Demand Progress cofounder, Harvard student Aaron Swartz, has been indicted for allegedly hacking into the academic database JSTOR and downloading more than 4 million articles."
  • TechDirt 2011: "MPAA Attacks Demand Progress With Ridiculous & Unsubstantiated Claims"
  • Fox News 2012: "David Segal, executive director of Demand Progress, an activist group responsible for the new Vote for the Net movement, called it "a big victory for the Internet,"" "Both President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney had spoken at length about controversial Internet legislation such as SOPA in the past, but neither was willing to comment on the Demand Progress platform."
  • Huffington Post 2012: "The progressive advocacy group Demand Progress is taking a stand against Rep. Howard Berman (D-Calif.), amid rumors that he is being considered as a potential replacement for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The group is arguing that Berman's work on a host of controversial Internet issues, particularly his advocacy for the Stop Online Piracy Act, disqualifies him from the position."
  • PCWorld 2012: "More than 36,000 people have signed a petition, started by 'Net activist group Demand Progress in mid-August, calling on the two major parties to add Internet freedom language to their party platforms. Demand Progress reiterated its call for Internet freedom language in the platforms on Monday"
  • Raw Story 2012: "The advocacy group Demand Progress condemned the Obama administration on Thursday after the FBI took down one of the most popular file sharing websites on the Internet,"
  • Torrent Freak 2012: "Political activist group Demand Progress has filed a brief in the Megaupload case, urging the court to disregard the MPAA’s concerns over the return of data to former Megaupload users. The group argues that Hollywood lobbyists are out to make it impossible for Megaupload users to access their property, effectively using the court case as a backdoor SOPA."
  • ZeroPaid 2012: "Demand Progress has filed a legal brief, joining the many in call to permit users who used MegaUpload legally to have their files returned."
  • Chicago Tribune 2013: "Swartz later founded the group Demand Progress and led a successful campaign to block a bill introduced in 2011 in the U.S. House of Representatives called the Stop Online Piracy Act, which generated fierce opposition in the technological community."
  • CNN 2013: "Swartz then engaged in Internet digital activism, co-founding Demand Progress, a political action group that campaigns against Internet censorship."
  • Salon 2013: "Demand Progress, a million-plus member civil rights organization, will begin mobilizing their members later this morning to urge the Senate to reject Brennan’s confirmation as CIA director."

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