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As far as I understand, Dietes vegata is not an allowed name. The name has been misapplied to both D.iridoides and D.grandiflora. There is a plant Moraea vegata, but that is altogether different: it grows from a corm, not a rhizome and doesn't look at all like the two Dietes plants just mentioned.

The flowers of D.iridoides and D.grandiflora appear similar in photographs, but they are quite different: those of D.grandiflora are much larger, last 3 days, and have dark spots at the base of the outer tepals, while those of D.iridoides are small, last only 1 day, and lack the spots at the base of the outer tepals. D.grandiflora is also a larger plant. The flowers of the other two species mentioned are easily distinguished from the foregoing and from each other.

I've incorporated your points as best I could. Do you happen to know where we could get freely licensed pictures of D. bicolor and D. robinsoniana? — Catherine\talk 04:39, 6 October 2006 (UTC)

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