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Besides the Israel controversy cited (which I hadn't heard about) there was also news reports about another film which resulted, I believe, I the first time the festival pulled a film after the (large and well-produced) program book had been printed. Benjiboi 18:58, 16 October 2007 (UTC)

Contested deletion[edit]

This page is not unambiguously promotional, because all the events happened years ago. I'm not trying to promote anything, I'm just relating history. If I seem boosterish it's because if feel these were important and positive developments and the people behind them deserve credit. I repeat, I am not promoting or advertising anything. I'm just trying to tell a story in a way that will engage readers and, as I said, give credit to a few people. I'd be happy to be given specific examples of where i've gone over the line so I can bring my approach more in line with what Wikipedia wants. But just wiping the entry off the site seems unfair. --Mppage (talk) 01:30, 16 January 2015 (UTC)

  1. I mentioned this before at User talk:Mppage#Frameline Film Festival and you ignored.
  2. There is waaaaaaaay too much information.
  3. Every annual film festival does not need to be there
  4. I scrolled down the page to the 21st film festival, here's what I find:
    1. As major sponsors such as AT&T and Wells Fargo played greater public roles at the Festival in the coming years, Morris and Lumpkin would do their best to keep everyone “honest” by balancing the needs of filmmakers, filmgoers and funders while never losing sight of the festival’s founding ideals. Some would always be ready to grumble about the corporate branding at the festival, but over the next few years the money these new relationships generated would help Frameline to make it out of its mid-90s slump alive. No references. Non-encyclopedia.... "Some would always be ready to grumble" & "Morris and Lumpkin would do their best to keep everyone “honest”" There should just be the facts and not opinion. Encyclopedia is about listing the basic facts.
    2. The choice of Spence’s film for closing night seemed to affirm the importance of this growing transgender genre within queer cinema. Though a shorts program dubbed “Hermaphrodites With Attitude” suggested that transgender might not be the festival’s final frontier. No reference. Promotional and opinion.
    3. But to Variety critic Dennis Harvey this new queer talent’s general rejection of the New Queer Cinema’s edgy aesthetic seemed to mark the end of an era. “… pics like opening-nighter I Think I Do and the next evenings It’s in the Water,” Harvey wrote, “rep a new spirit amongst indie gay filmmakers – one far more slickly commercial in production values and broad-appeal tenor than titles from the prior decade.” Promotional. There is only positive critical analysis.
    4. They seemed to agree with Rich’s “best in years” review of the 21st festival too. Frameline’s wrap up press release reported that attendance had skyrocketed to 75,000 – an amazing increase of nearly 20,000 over the previous year. Opinion and promotional. "amazing" & "skyrocketed" are opinion and promotion. Who agreed?
  5. See Toronto International Film Festival & Cannes Film Festival for examples.
  6. It is evident you hold this film festival very dear. I understand you wanting to write it up in the best light. However, one must be neutral and only give the facts. Bgwhite (talk) 05:51, 16 January 2015 (UTC)

Thanks. Wikipedia is obviously not a good match for the article I want to write so I guess I'll just throw in the towel. But before I do I hope you will allow to make just a few more changes (my last, I promise) to clean up the stub that has been left behind. I'd like to correct errors regarding the awards, and remove out of date entries about "upcoming" festivals in 2013 and 2014. I'd also like to remove the rest of the entries under "Awards", "Inclusion" and "Controversies" as they are random, garbled, lacking in context or posted merely to bash Frameline. I'll make the changes and then you can take or leave them as you choose. Obviously.

Mppage (talk) — Preceding undated comment added 17:18, 16 January 2015 (UTC)