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"Do you know the Future Crew? They're dead." ;) // Gargaj 16:05, 2005 May 5 (UTC)

Hey, i think remedy was mostly just future crew when final reality was made. Any one else know for sure that the info on the page is correctly? I know that the logo images are from 1996(timestamps)

Final Reality was made in 1997; Remedy was definitely around then. They made Death Rally in 1996. Future Crew certainly had some ties with Remedy at the time but they were not one and the same. --Vossanova o< 15:18, 30 May 2006 (UTC)

Cosmic Places[edit]

I have a set of MP3s supposedly by Future Crew called "Cosmic Places" which I downloaded years ago from the Future Crew area of

Can anyone verify if this is a legitimate FC release? If so it should be added to WP as it is an outstanding album.

Track titles are:

02/03/2001 03:43 AM 4,156,554 TRANCE - Future Crew - 1st Introduction.mp3 02/03/2001 03:43 AM 4,229,897 TRANCE - Future Crew - 2nd To None.mp3 02/03/2001 03:43 AM 3,707,622 TRANCE - Future Crew - 3rd Rock From The Sun.mp3 02/03/2001 03:43 AM 5,021,315 TRANCE - Future Crew - 4th Dimension.mp3 02/03/2001 03:43 AM 4,965,799 TRANCE - Future Crew - 5th Avenue on Mars.mp3 02/03/2001 03:43 AM 3,782,338 TRANCE - Future Crew - 6th Sense.mp3 02/03/2001 03:43 AM 6,237,360 TRANCE - Future Crew - 7th Star on the Horizion.mp3 02/03/2001 03:43 AM 5,623,076 TRANCE - Future Crew - 8th Ring On Saturns Orbit.mp3 02/03/2001 03:43 AM 4,767,504 TRANCE - Future Crew - 9th Banished Soul.mp3 02/03/2001 03:43 AM 5,738,876 TRANCE - Future Crew - 10th Universal Insight.mp3 02/03/2001 03:43 AM 2,301,657 TRANCE - Future Crew - 11th End of the Cosmos.mp3

The metadata in each mp3 file reads:

"Founded on 1996 under a diferent name (Silenz).Evolution brought us here (for better or worse)." —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 14 September 2006

Never heard of it. There is no (longer any) Future Crew listed on Google for "Cosmic Places" "Future Crew" came up empty. I somehow doubt it has anything to do with the demo group Future Crew, and until you can find me a current website showing the album, I'd have to doubt it even exists. --Vossanova o< 12:32, 15 September 2006 (UTC)