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Help me edit my own page[edit]

Yes my name is Shawn Russ I saw the Wiki page about me. I didn't create this page but saw that there were some errors, I wanted to know how I could add more info, I'm not sure how to source it the right way if someone could help me. I used to be known as Gregory Kingsley, I know Wikipedia discourages writing your own biography, which I don't want to do I just want to fix some errors and add some more info, I've edited it before but someone changed it back probably because I had no proof my info was correct. I can provide proof I am who I say I am, if anyone has any ideas what I can do or who to contact it would be great. thanks my email address is

Go ahead: Per WP:AUTO you are allowed to correct mistakes, just say what you did here on the talk page. (Emailing too.) ←BenB4 19:42, 3 August 2007 (UTC)