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Is this information correct; for example, did the company literally own the Guinness Book of World Records? ugen64 22:48, Mar 17, 2004 (UTC)

Acquisitions possible??[edit]

Before it got removed there was this part of the article which I can vaguely remember on Wikipedia.

Programme acquisitions (This may NOT be true.)[edit]

  • Captain Pugwash (1998) - Captain Pugwash and his mates search for treasure on the Black Pig against the evil Cut Throat Jake. This is based on the original characters by John Ryan.
  • Sooty (2001-2004) - Presented by Richard Cadell and Vicki Lee Taylor, Sooty is a comedy puppet show featuring Sooty and his pals Sweep, Soo, Little Cousin Scampi, Miki and Butch, running a hotel. This was the replacement for Sooty Heights.
  • Eckhart (2000-2001) - A little mouse and his friends who have a lot of adventures travelling around the world, based on the character created by David Weale.



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