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When I got here, this page was a slightly wikified extensively verbatim copy of the house website. I rewrote a lot of it to make this less the case, but there's still a bit too much of the original in there for me to feel comfortable, and from a copyright standpoint it's almost certainly a derivative work. -- Akb4 08:59, 22 February 2007 (UTC)

clarifications needed[edit]

Items from the house web site include: "By marriage deed or gift, it then passed to the Mortimers" and "James Audley ... rented the manor for a pair of silver spurs. He then leased it to Walter de Helyon..."

So, does the first mean:

  • a "marriage deed", which is a type of marriage gift, or
  • a "marriage deed" or a gift, we're not sure which, or
  • by marriage or by a deed or by gift, we're not sure which

And as to the second, do they mean that he rented it to other people and got paid a pair of silver spurs, or that he didn't totally own it and paid a pair of silver spurs to get full control? if the former, which seems more likely, did Helyon pay the spurs to lease it? Was there a prior tenant who paid the spurs, and then Helyon leased it after?

I elided both parts. In an ideal world, someone will contact the curator and ask for clarifications, and permission to use the website text. -- Akb4 08:59, 22 February 2007 (UTC)