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Number of foreign residents[edit]

The numbers written in the table "Total foreign population" are wrong. The only source cited above the table concerns only the year 2002, therefore they are not verifiable, unlike the data I inserted in my edit. In particular, data until 2011 have been revised downwards as a result of the 2011 census, which found out that there were actually less foreigners than those registered in the municipalities (the revised data can be found in this pdf, on page 9). Besides, a year is missing between the number of 4,387,721 foreigners on 31st December 2012=1st January 2013 (registered in the table as the number for 2013) and the number of 5,014,437 foreigners on 31st December 2014=1st January 2015 (inconsistently registered in the table as the number for 2014): on 31st December 2013=1st January 2014 there were 4,922,085 foreigners. As a result, the increase over the last year amounts to 92,352 foreigners (as you can read on page 2 of this pdf), and not to 626,716, as incorrectly written in the lead. Nykterinos (talk) 09:29, 17 June 2015 (UTC)