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Small "providers" or HOME LANS ?[edit]

The user PYX-340 is manipulating the data. Datacom and DanisNET are in fact small LANs conected to internet which can't even be considered providers. To such "providers" like Datacom and DanisNet we can also add: ITNet, ITNS, Voxnet, Roxnet etc. Each of this "providers" operate in a specific sector in Chisnau, for example DanisNet is a LAN on an area in sector Botanica, Datacom only covers small areas in sectors Ciocana and Botanica. The same thing we can tell about Voxnet and Roxnet (which operates in Rascani), or ItNet (in Botanica), or ITNS wi-fi etc. If "small providers" should not be added like PYX-340 sugests, then he has to delete immediatly entries for Datacom and Danisnet - which were Local Area Networks connected to the internet in which some of the users made a bussiness from billing the other users of this LANs for the internet usage. This way they became "providers". But if PYX-340 insists that these are real providers, then these providers are as real as Voxnet, Roxnet, ItNET, ITNS with no difference. By discriminating certain "providers" and favoring others like Datacom or Danisnet which are the same small LANs connected to the internet, even if this LAN is connected to the internet through a fiber channel (like all the others I have mentioned above - in fact "enterprises" which made a businnes from billing the "clients" of the LAN;) in discriminating, this user, PYX-340, has in fact some interest or is paid by his boss for spamming wikipedia, promoting certain "businesses" and censoring others. If further attempts are made by this user in promoting certain Local Area Networks and censoring the others on wikipedia, these should be classified as spam links. Because there is no difference between HOME LANs like: ItNET, Voxnet, Roxnet, Danisnet, Itns, Datacom, or other Home LANs that I may be unaware of. They are all Home Lans connected to internet which became "providers" over night.
PS: for spammer user PYX-340 : here we are on english version of wikipedia, not on russian one. Don't give orders to others (in russian) on what we should or should not write. The only thing you are doing here on wikipedia is verifying every day this page about Internet in Moldova so that nobody changes your old precious modification and everything stays like you left it (as your boss instructed you) by promoting certain "providers" or HOME LANs and censoring the others. This spam will stop now. English-speaking users who read about Internet in Moldova are not interested in small micro-ISPs in some areas of some Chisinau districts which are in fact Home Lans connected to the internet.
If you have something to add to this page then do it, but stop reverting to the same content posted half a year ago, without even considering the changes that were made by other people, not even verifying the changes that were made.
--Killsfinxtalk 20:30, 15 Sep 2010 (GMT+2)

LOL ? I wouldn't jump to stupid conclusions if I were you... No one is paying me to advertise anything. The reason I placed Danis in the first place is because compared to other minor HomeLAN ISP's it is the largest one. I never added providers you mentioned above like ITNS, Roxnet etc. not because I am "discriminating" them but because they are too small and less known to the general population... And note that I wrote this article from nothing, added all the data and so on and continue to do so, while the largest thing you did was to add "Skype and VoIP bans in Transnistria", which is unconfirmed data and thus cannot be considered true (and unlike you I went on and checked the info), and yet you complain that I added Danis and Datacom; note that I didn't revert the changes YOU did to the section related to these 2 ISP's and I didn't bitch about it like you... So please, don't spam yourself)))

PS. No one is giving orders... I wrote in Russian because mostly those who mod this section know the language. And I quote myself: "Don't add small or random ISP's and don't change the existing table of sorting ISP's by speed! If you want to add something please talk with me..." Which means that I want to discuss changes made to the article... But I guess all you saw was bla bla bla... So before writing something - check your facts !PYX-340talk 28 December 2010

No prices[edit]

Hello, I would like to mention that Wikipedia is not a commercial or advertising structure, and publication of prices or other commercial information is not advised here. --serhio talk 08:17, 27 May 2008 (UTC)

All prices are given not for commercial use or advertising, but for better understanding of development of internet in Moldova. Also it's easier to compare it with other countries. But I will check this article again to be sure that it contains no advetisment. --Dima1 (talk) 09:15, 27 May 2008 (UTC)

Do you really think that all this prices (inclusive in Balti), and Chisinau sectors is a interesting information for a external (non-Moldovan) reader? compare with other countries

and make a cleanup, please by adding such information as : The Internet country code, Internet hosts, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Internet users etc. surely, if you have it Thanks! --serhio talk 09:56, 30 May 2008 (UTC)


I was asked to have a look at this page. I did some basic editing:

  1. I removed the prices and the corresponding detailed listing of service parameters. This has nothing much to do with what country it refers to--it is non-encyclopedic information in any case. A general statement can be given. If the prices are similar to other countries--then just say so--I left one or two statements of that sort.
  2. We do not use show-hide boxes in articles for the content. I changed it to a simple list.
  3. I adjusted some formatting, and fixed up the English a little.
  4. the graphs need some improvements:
    1. They they need to be renamed--do not use a generic name such as the present "diagrams.pnp" -- it will be confusing, since its not the only diagram on WP. Since names cannot be changes for images, upload it again under a more appropriate name, and ask for removal of the present image. W
    2. check the spelling.
    3. increase the size of the numbers. And this is the English WP, and we use periods for decimals, not commas.
    4. and, the different charts might be better as separate graphs.
  5. I am not sure the image showing one company's coverage of one city is appropriate. for one thing, won't it change continually? I suggest removing it.