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During this article's development and discussion in the Articles For Creation process, it was commented that "The quotes in this article seem excessive and can probably be paraphrased with some additional explanation of the history of the Owens Valley area," and there was separate call for introduction of more sources. I responded that "I have added some additional sources and expanded the article. About quotes present, they are fully attributed and include some distinctive language that I personally don't wish to paraphrase; another editor is free to develop further from the sources provided and exercise different editorial taste in developing the article further." And the article was promoted to mainspace. I do want to say that further editing is welcome, by any editor, including expanding along the lines suggested to provide more context, more history of the Owens Valley area, using the sources in the article. And reducing the use of quotation by appropriate, not-too-close paraphrasing, if that seems helpful. I thot the reasonable comments in discussion should be reflected here at the Talk page, to provide further guidance to others who might edit further. Thanks. --doncram 20:43, 28 April 2013 (UTC)