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Initial text[edit]

This article clearly needs work. I have added the basics of the party's history since 1896 on the basis of Milotte (cited at end of article). I also removed the mention of the IRSP, who despite the similarity of name have no more rights to claim the legacy of the ISRP than any of the numerous other groups who do so (and whom I don't feel it to be worth mentioning either).

However, it could be argued that the party history from 1909 on, especially considering the organisational break, should be included as a separate entry under Socialist Party of Ireland (the page currently included with that title refers to the 'Socialist Party' and the 'of Ireland' is presumably included for disambiguation purposes).Palmiro

I think calling it a "a pivotal Irish political party" is POV as it never had anyone elected. "Influential" would be better. (talk) 15:32, 14 May 2008 (UTC)