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Elected 8 times to the U.S. Senate???[edit]

Whomever editied this page previously should read more about American politics -- United States Senators are elected for a 6-year term.

The Milwaukee Sentinel
Thurs 21 Oct 1926
p 1,662208 (necessary to scroll back to page one)
Charges Klan Deal Seated Senator
Former KKK Chief Before Reed Inquiry
Ex-Cyclops Declares Watson Aided Kuklux Candidate. Says Dr Evans Told of Organization's Contract in Capital.
by Associated Press
Chicago, Oct 20 - Dr Hiram W Evans, imperial wizard of the Ku Klux Klan was quoted today by the Senate Congressional Funds committee as having said that Senator Watson (Rep, Ind) had "gotten to" Senator Moses (Rep, NH), with the result that Senator Mayfield (Dem, Tex) was seated. Hugh Pat Emmons of South Bend, Ind, former grand cyclops of the klan, testified that Evans had described Senator Mayfield as one of "the best klnsmen in the United States" and that the klan was supporting Watson because of what he had done in the seating of the Texas senator.

Claims Senate Influence
Evans also was quoted by the witness as having said that William F Zumbrunn, geberal counsel of the klan, was influential with United States senators and their wives. "He wines and dines with them," Emmons declared Evans had said. The witness added that if Senator Watson got to be president he would send Bill Zumbrunn as ambassador to Mexico. "And if Watson is president when these klansmen march down Pennsylvania avenue, they'll march right on through the White House," Evans was quoted. (talk) 19:36, 11 February 2011 (UTC)Pink