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Questions about minor edits[edit]

I'm not crazy experienced at Wikipedia, so I made some edits and additions today but had a couple questions.

  • is there a style manual for biographies like this? For instance, I thought about creating another heading that referred to General Totten's inventions: the totten windows and lighthouse, etc, pulling them out of the Military Career article, which just goes in chronological order. But I couldnt' find a standard for it, so left things as is.
  • in Namesakes, there is an apartment building listed as a namesake—this doesn't seem significant and could be a sales link. Maybe if anywhere might go in the metro station or neighborhood pages as opposed to this bio page I think. Should we delete it? I didn't want to do it without asking here first.

ps - i got into googling for this last night only because of an episode of Blueblood that mentioned Fort Totten in NY, and I recognized it was the same as the Yellow-Line termination point in DC, and wondered where the name came from. The totten shutters were the easiest thing to find significant information about, and so that's why I added some better info here. Chris.ridgeway (talk) 19:10, 18 January 2014 (UTC)