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To-Do List for Article


  • General copyediting for spelling, grammar and readability.
  • Article needs to be thoroughly referenced and cited.
  • Expand the Reaction section
  • Add a section on the game's development

What needs to be fixed? can someone tell me??( hotspot)

how can kya get a rating i'm sure someone knows.

maybe we should add a Reception and criticism part.-who else could it be?..hotspot

kya dark lineage userbox[edit]

Kya's-boomy.jpg This user is a fan of Kya: Dark Lineage.

{{User:Hotspot/userbox/kyadarklineage}} -hotspot

Proposed Layout[edit]

How's this look as a layout?


  • Story
    • Plot
    • Setting
  • Gameplay
  • Development
  • Reaction
  • References
  • External Links

Looks pretty good, methinks. Then again, I'm biased. Cheers, Lankybugger 19:53, 16 March 2007 (UTC)

Those are good ideas but what do you mean by hoverboarding?-hotspot

Whoops, should have been Magic Boarding. Cheers, Lankybugger 13:34, 19 March 2007 (UTC)

I don't see why we need magic boarding all it is is x to jump and up to go faster ^^, why did you get rid of the see also for similar games?-hotspot

kya article[edit]

someone put all of the kya dark lineage categories on the one article! it was decided to have its own page with the 3 categories together , here is where we will put it bt i cannot right now i must go.list of characters,worlds and items in kya dark lineage-hotspot

That was me. It was all decided to be merged somewhere. Previous experience tells me that for this to be a good article, this isn't going to require a seperate page detailing all of the items, monsters, creatures, and characters. Wikipedia is not intended to be a game guide, and no encyclopedia would go into that much detail about the individual items. Covering them in the Gameplay section as part of the prose will be sufficient. Likewise the various areas of the game can be detailed in a "Setting" section. Cheers, Lankybugger 05:03, 21 March 2007 (UTC)

Extensive work done on the article...[edit]

First off, I rewrote the Plot section... No doubt I'm missing a few key points, as I'm working from my poor memory here and had to extrapolate from my memories based on that and a spoiler-free walkthrough. If hotspot (or anyone else who's finished the game) would like to go into more depth, I'll firm up the Plot section's prose and make things a lot clearer. I intend to do a rapid-fire replay of the game if I get the chance this week (taking down quotes so I can source the plot section), but if anyone would like to do that or track down a script of the game, that'd be very, very helpful.

In addition to that, I've cut out the majority of the images in the article. They were largley redundant and greatly messed with the formatting. Plus, Wikipedia's fair use policy allows us to pull screenshots from websites so long as we can justify the use and provide the source, so it might be best to use the developer's screenshots due to the clarity.

Finally, I've trimmed down the article quite a bit. Trivia, Characters, Creatures, and Items are all blasted down. Characters can be covered sufficiently within the plot section with a bit more work, while Creatures and Items can be covered through prose in the Gameplay section. Most of the trivia either couldn't be sourced, or wasn't worth mentioning in the article. Clearly a fair amount of this still needs sourcing per WP:CITE, but that's work I'm going to leave for after the mass slash and burns are done.

Well, it's 3:30am so I think I'm going to call this a night. Cheers, Lankybugger 07:32, 21 March 2007 (UTC)

A second article is not necessary[edit]

hotspot: I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to disagree with your page proposal. The individual characters, save perhaps Kya, aren't notable enough to warrant their own page. Likewise, the trivia that was there isn't really worth keeping, let alone putting in it's own article. About the only worthwhile trivia item was the glitch with the Nativs rescued counter, and unless we can find a proper source we can't really add it to the article. I didn't notice any problems the time I played through, for example. Cheers, Lankybugger 19:27, 21 March 2007 (UTC)


Okay this is what i have

  • The game was originally to have a sequel, but due to the poor ratings, the idea was scraped,Eden Games actually began production of a sequel, or an interview in which someone from the developer (Eden Games) or publisher (Atari) explicitly stated "We were going to make a sequel, but the game had bad sales so we decided not to do so." While the ending of the game leaves it open to a sequel, it's just as likely that Atari asked Eden Games to keep the ending open for a sequel in case the game became a smash hit.
  • Kya is the only known female in the entire game,although it is unsure if the Nativs have two genders, or if any of the Nativs in the streets of Nativ city are female. It could perhaps be stated that Kya is the only significant female character.
  • There are 260 wolfen that Kya can turn back into nativs, and yet you only meet around 20 or less nativs in nativ city, in the entire game.
  • In the anime Naruto, the character called Tenten is a weapons expert. In episode 43, Tenten takes out a scroll full of weapons and shoots an array of different weapons at an enemy. Two of the weapons resemble Kya's boomy, except they were both metal and one did not have a handle, even though she does in fact throw two weapons similar to kya's boomy it is just coincidence.The insane number of weapons Tenten uses (as well as the variety of them) means that the weapons mentioned couldn't possibly be like that on purpose. Additionally, the release schedule makes it likely that it's just random coincidence.

- hotspot

Hotspot, do you have the link or magazine with that interview? We can't use that information right now, but it'd fit in perfectly in the reception area if you can find where it came from. The second and third points can be incorporated into the Story and Gameplay sections, though the fourth (while much better written than it was previously) can't really be used. Cheers, Lankybuggerspeaksee ○ 01:34, 23 March 2007 (UTC)

I heard a member say it on a gamespot forum, but i could ask him where he got it from -hotspot


You can't play kya with the directional buttons,only the analog stick, do you think we should add it somewhere?-hotspot

It's pretty common in games these days. The only sort of games I can think of which feature both are really early PS2 games (when a lot of people were switching from Dual Analog-less controllers to the Dual Shocks of the PS2), fighting games, and 2D Games. Cheers, LankybuggerYell ○ 17:07, 7 May 2007 (UTC)

kya's genre[edit]

Anyone know if kya is an adventure game, or action adventure?, right now she is an adventure-hotspot

I'd personally qualify it as an action-adventure, and might even be tempted to toss in beat'em up in, too. The combat system is pretty in-depth for a platformer. Cheers, LankybuggerYell ○ 17:08, 7 May 2007 (UTC)

Heads up, kya wiki[edit]

I am currently making one for wikia, its not ready for it's own wiki, its still on the scratchpad, when i am ready to put it on as its own wiki, i am going to link it here.-hotspot

Well the kya wikia has hit a fork in the road, you see apprently you need to request it so i have made a new request article for it, now an admin has to pass or fail it, but there hasn't been any response and its been like a week, here is the request form, there is a comments part ifother fans say good stuff about kya and say they really want a kya wikia i think it will help and get the wikia approved. The request for kya wikia the scratchpad kya wikia -hotspot

Wikipedians who like kya dark lineage[edit]

here is wikipedians who like kya dark lineage category

What do we do about the wolfen/wolfun[edit]

It's wolfen but some people call it wolfun, does anybody know what we could do to the article about this?-hotspot


This article needs about three metric tons of capital letters inserted where needed. Lots42 (talk) 10:05, 3 February 2008 (UTC)