Fusajiro Yamauchi

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Fusajiro Yamauchi
山内 房治郎
First Nintendo president
In office

Fusajiro Yamauchi (山内 房治郎 Yamauchi, Fusajirō, November 22, 1859 – January 1940) was a Japanese entrepreneur who founded the company that is now known as Nintendo. Yamauchi lived in Kyoto, Japan and had a daughter, Tei Yamauchi (who later married future Nintendo president and Fusajiro Yamauchi's successor, Sekiryo Kaneda).

Nintendo Koppai[edit]

In 1889, he opened the first “Hanafuda” card shop called “Nintendo Koppai”. With the huge success he had selling these cards; he rapidly began expanding and opening another card shop in Osaka. He later went to create more card games.

Retirement and death[edit]

Fusajiro retired in 1929 at the age of 70, leaving his son-in-law Sekiryo Kaneda (whose name had changed to Sekiryo Yamauchi) in charge of the company. In the next eleven years Fusajiro remained out of the business until when he had a stroke which led to his death in 1940.[1]


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