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The 14th-century English Sir John Mandeville -- author of The Travels-- may be as honest as an accounting as Marco Polo. Columbus is known to have a copy of the book with him on his journey. Sparky

This Page Does not Represent a Woldwide View[edit]

This page is blatantly and openly Eurocentric, even going so far as to begin the list with "Some of the most important explorations of Western civilization...". Clearly, this is against Wikipedia's policy of countering systematic bias. Something must be done and I shall take the liberty of being bold and adding some major explorations from beyond the Occidental Cultural Area (such as the voyages of Zhenge He or Tupaq Inka Yupanaqui's discovery of the Galapagos).

I would love to have some of my fellow Wikipedians to collaborate with myself and other Wikipedian comrades to fix this problem.

自教育 (talk) 03:32, 17 March 2013 (UTC)