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I came across this rather, well, weird game, that apparently was a bit of a craze among some of the younger of the Japanese populace. And yes, it actually involves... beetles. The GBA game seems to be selling like crazy too (569,000 so far). --Codemonkey 05:40, 13 October 2005 (UTC)

Apology for having a non-worldwide view and updates[edit]

Sorry about that, Wikipedia. Looks like I really limited myself into what the Philippines is experiencing right now.

I'll try my best to get info from the other countries as well, but Japan will be very tricky because they are advanced than the english versions.

For a little update, I have omitted this part from the Story secion:

End of Round 1

After searching the forest, Popo finally finds Adder, where he is growing his own army of beetles in a hivelike comb with eight pupae of different beetles. Adder sends a beetle to attack Popo, but Popo sends a beetle to fight. After the first beetle is defeated, a second beetle comes to fight Adder. Tag-team style, it and the first beetle take on two of Adder's beetles that had just changed from the pupa stage in the growing comb. After Adder's beetles are both defeated, he summons his most powerful beetle from its comb. It knocks out both of Popo's friend beetles and flies off as Adder teleports away with it.

I do not encounter this in Mushiking. If it does, I need proof on when this happened.

Another thing I changed back:

Prior to Version 1~9

Version 9? Where? I'm trying to make this article have a worldwide view but is there proof?


This game is powered by Mac OS X, does anyone feel that is worth mentioning? -Bry

Maneuver Descriptions[edit]

Does anyone think that it would be ok to add descriptions to the move cards as well as their power ratings?


Care to place any info. about the anime?

Seconded! --NWo4lifePT (talk) 02:30, 20 December 2011 (UTC)