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another Mirror[edit]

There was another, later newspaper also called the New York Mirror active into the 1960s. Does this merit a new article or a mention here?

Done. --Wetman 08:33, 25 August 2006 (UTC)
Are the two papers related in more ways than just the word "Mirror"? If they're not otherwise related, then shouldn't the link go at the top of the article with:

From User:Kctrains[edit]

THE ABOVE IS INCOMPLETE IN A WAY THAT IS MISLEADING - I NOTED THIS PREVIOUSLY A FEW DAYS AGO AND SOMEONE HAS DELETED MY POST. THE NEW YORK MIRROR was founded as early as the 1820s. I HAVE SHEETS OF THIS PAPER, WITH DATES from the 1830s. On eBay, Entire Volumes have been offered for sale of editions from the 1830s. The Volume Numbers would indicate that the newspaper was established in 1823. The photos and descriptions on eBay are clearly consistent with the sheets I possess. One sheet that I have is dated February 12, 1842 and it refers to Daniel Fanshaw as the Proprietor, Printer and Publisher. Another sheet, which is essentially identical in style, layout, format, etc. to a July 14, 1838 sheet ("The New-York Mirror: Devoted to Literature and the Fine Arts.") and has a pencil note of "1835", but only bears the Month and date (Saturday, August 8) (WHICH WAS A SATURDAY IN 1835) has the following "Edited by George P. Morris, Theodore S. Fay and Nathaniel P. Willis", a list which includes the two founders listed above for 1844. Thus it appears that the paper may have passed from Morris, Fay and Willis into the care of Mr. Fanshaw and then at a later date (1844 perhaps) passed back into the care of Morris and Willis. In any case, I am new to this and if I am presenting this information improperly, my apologies, but for someone to delete my information without incorporating it into the article is to perpetuate a falsehood upon the public. The New York Mirror is clearly older than 1844. H J Hauschild, Victoria, Texas.

I moved this from the main article space. It was added by User:Kctrains. --Midnightdreary (talk) 12:24, 1 September 2009 (UTC)