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Minor tweaks...[edit]

I noticed that several links in the article were pointing to disambiguation pages, so I cleaned things up a bit:

VBR -> Variable bitrate
Flash -> Flash (photography)
CIF -> Common Intermediate Format

I also changed the link in the info box - since there is no article on S60 3rd Edition, I changed it to point to the general S60 Platform article.

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why the redirect with wrong capitalization was deleted?[edit]

why the redirect at Nokia_n75 was deleted? first time I find a redirect for bad caps deleteted, I though it was supposed to be there...

ps:what is the policy for dealing with spam in talk pages? the section above this one (at the time of writing) looks like spam to me...

--TiagoTiago (talk) 21:30, 9 December 2008 (UTC)