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Mount 'n Thrust[edit]

Once this article gets less stubby, it will probably be worth noting that is has been mocked a fair bit as "Operation Mount and Thrust." LWizard @ 06:00, 23 June 2006 (UTC)

I noticed that. I must admit, I wonder if military comanders realize how homo-erotic some of their operation names are. Operation Anaconda, anyone?--ttogreh 04:36, 12 July 2006 (UTC)
I liked Operation Just Cause. It's not homoerotic, but it sounds like Operation Just 'Cause (just because) to me. --DougMcDill 08:36, 06 August 2006 (UTC)

As of september 06 the operation is officially closed???

Result of the operation[edit]

I am of the opinion that the result should state that the operation was only a tactical victory for the Allies, because they didn't destroy the whole Taliban force as they said they would, actualy many taliban fighters made a strategic withdrawal from the fight. And after the Allies finished the operation they (the Taliban) intensified there guerilla campaign against NATO. The sole purpose of the operation was to destroy or remove the Taliban and they did acomplish that they forced the Taliban to move from one location to another. And after operations Medusa and Mountain fury ensued.

Add to "war box"[edit]

The "war box" that shows the operations ie, anaconda, m-thrust, medusa, could have the Battle of Panjwaii as it was a major and important battle. Hellopple 20:24, 1 November 2006 (UTC)

Danish troops in Musa Qala?[edit]

How about the 5 weeks of fighting the Danish infantry had to go through in Musa Qala before being relieved? Wasn't that part of this operation?

Dont worry, we all know that the Danes are fighting too (occasionally), you dont need to try drawing our attention to it.

You "all" know it? So you speak on behalf of just how many, again? And just where might some arrogant fuck like you hail from anyway?

You really want to know where this "arrogant fuck" is from?? Ok, he just returned from the big sandbox. And the occasionally bit I mentioned had no intentions of disrespect, the word is used over there when referring to the Danes because they are playing a very much less active role in combating the Taliban. Occasionally is VERY polite as to the words we use for soldiers from Germany Italy and what-not who are not fighting AT ALL.

Who gives a fucking shit what words you think is appropriate, the fact of the matter is that we have less than 400 troops there, mostly recon or artillery spotters, who is trying to help the locals by getting rid of the Taleban, there is no tanks or mech infantry, so take your little "no intentions of disrespect" and shove it.

And another thing, don't ever edit in my posts you sonofabitch, you, a coward who won't even say where he's from... but not to worry, I have a pretty good idea about where you're from. Seriously, why we even bother to risk our young men for you people is beyond me, these two wars have nothing to do with us.

TWO WARS????? Im a bit confused, but last I checked Afghanistan is only one, and that DOES involve you because THAT war began when the jihadists decided to begin a war with the west. And all I can say as to why you risk your lives is that they want to be able to give the AFGHANS their lives back.

Well what other war do you think I'm talking about? Iraq of course, what the hell else could I have meant? Now had you only NOT started that war, we would've focused on Afghanistan and crushed the Taleban YEARS ago! Then we wouldn't have to devide our already very limited international force, of course even with all we've got you'd probably still whine about them not doing enough, I mean who cares if we're only 5½ million people, right?

Okay, I will throw this bit of info towards you. I am not an American, I am Canadian and we have NO connections to the Iraq war. Secondly, the only reason I was in a bit of a $hitty mood when it comes to the Danes is because like I previously stated, I just recently returned from the "big sandbox," I was statoined at Forward Operating Base Martello when Op Medusa was launched. Because of the size of the operation, almost all the Canadians on the base (it's a Canadian base, not intl like KAF) were sent out to Panjway on the front lines. There were very few (less than 30) of us left on the base when our reinforcements arrived. They were Danish infantry and I was sure as hell happy to see them and buddy around with them. But when the Taliban decided to attack the base with every kind of weaponry they had, the Danes left us!!! When the morning after the first two waves came, the Danes left before the third wave which was expected by all could come. I have nothing but respect for the Danish that without a doubt saved my ass that night, but I also do hold a grudge against them for leaving before the BG returned. Like I said, nothing but respect, just a bit pissed for the time being, and I am still waiting for that time to pass. Cheers.

I see, I've been all over google/wiki to find info about that incident, because that doesn't seem like a very reasonable thing to do. I can only find info about a mere 100 or so recon troops that was part of Medusa, but that's it, and I'm thinking that they were the ones in Musa Qala, as they hadn't seen any real action before that, and they were subsequently withdrawn to another part of Helmand where they are fighting skirmishes. So are you positive that they were Danes? I'm not saying you're not correct, you were there and I wasn't, it just seems odd. But I can't say I'm pleased with the amount of equipment our guys have got, we've got plenty of Leo2's and artillery back home and only now are they (a few Leo2A5's) prepared to go into Afghanistan if needs be. We're not used to big fights, not since 1864, so the combat experience is only so so. Which is why the ones that really ought to be ashamed is France and Germany, with a total population of 140 million doing what... less than us? Also, I only just read about the battle of panjwaii, you have my respect even though we got off very harshly, I didn't know that Canada had the capacity to lead an operation on their own.

"So are you positive they were Danes?" Yes, very positive they were Danes.

Well, they must have had orders to do so then, however questionable, as far as I know they are under British command.

Sorely mistaken, there was no Danish infantry in Musa Qala, or any part of Helmand during the operations of Mountain Thrust

Well they took over from the British at some point during this summer, and fought for five weeks until they were relieved again. It might not have been part of this "operation" but trust me, they were there.

Whats your point if they were fighting or not. The point is that they were not fighting in Operation Mountain Thrust which is what the article is about.

Missing Information[edit]

There seems to be no mention of the FIRST battle of Musa Qalay here, which was part of Operation Mountain Thrust [1]. I just find it odd that after spending almost 2 months in Musa Qalay, there is no mention in any article about Musa Qala (Siege, Battle or City) of U.S. Forces battling it out there. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Justin.blodgett (talkcontribs) 16:58, 9 November 2012 (UTC)