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My contribution is more of a question than any other thing.I am a yourba man and a Nigerian. I want someone to please clarify for me why oshun and the oba(both goddesses) were listed as being married to both ogun(d god of iron) and sango(the king of oyo empire)who was deified after death as the god of lightning

I think that I can answer your question. In Cuba, the Orishas have many different manifestations, and each manifestation has its own mythology. Some manifestations of Oshun are the lovers of Sango, or Ogun, or any of a number of other male Orishas. Sango is viewed as having three primary wives, which is found in Cuba, Brazil, and Yorubaland, and harkens to the widespread practice of polygyny. His three wives are Oba (his legitimate wife), Oya (the Tornado, his favourite wife), and Oshun (his lover/concubine). --Brass Fan #5 (talk) 04:42, 28 December 2008 (UTC)

Section: Osun- by a worshipper, follower, avatar and prietess of this Munificent Mother[edit]

This section appears to the original research. The title of the subsection, "Osun- by a worshipper, follower, avatar and prietess of this Munificent Mother" alone implies bias on the part of the editor. Should be altered and put into a neutral tone. December 27th, 2008.

Brass Fan #5 (talk) 04:38, 28 December 2008 (UTC)

Let's just cut to the quick here.....This contribution in its present 

form is poorly structured, myopic,furthermore there is NO NEUTRALITY. Statements rather are not only BOLD, DISRESPECTFUL, but inaccurate.

This NEEDS to have a COMPLETE rewrite.
Not to pull rank here (because although I am a multiple book published author....

However, I'm not an editor and have limited experience here and no time to learn in

the sandbox. My formal credentials (for whoever wrote this) are as follows:
Babalawo (with wanaldo (cuchillo) 2nd level from the top of Lucumi, Every level was
done in Habana My IFA rama is José Asunción Villalonga Ogunda masa /  Bonifacio Valdez,
(Ogbe Wene)/Gerardo de las Mercedes Valdez Montalvo, (Che Che, Ojuani Alakentu). 
    With that out of the way, we can continue.....1) You are using a VERY controversial Pataki
(if it even is one) with the whole prostitute spiel.. There are hundreds of Pataki about
MY MOTHER Oshun, that are less controversial, and RESPECTFUL. Now, you are PROMOTING YOUR 

perspective all over this article about the relationships of various Orisha....This is WAY

too controversial even in Lucumi, let alone Yorubaland, and the rest of diaspora. If you 

are going to write here you MUST be neutral. There is NO reason to dole out your opinions on the various relationships, you can tactfully avoid it OR if you must.. then qualify your statements, have RESPECT for the other traditions in ATR. You say Chango/ Shango is lightning

and thunder in Lucumi you would be in the minority view with that statement and you call him
an "undergod" !!! You also call him "the king - dancer" !!! In fact by 99% of ALL of ATR he 

is the Orisha of dance and there are many Pataki about his prowess. He was a King but that is

a VERY complex subject and full of controversy as the Lucumi and those in Yoruba differ on 

the Kings and it is complex as well as controversial. You say nothing of Oshun's natural element Rivers ! Now we come to "since that day" and this statement that even I have never heard of....You say since that day he was married to all three... Nope. You say Oshun is considered his principle wife...Nope, most would go with Oya there.

    You do mention  La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, but neglect copper (cobre is copper in Spanish

) and in Lucumi her color is not yellow it is yellow and gold. As for the whole creation story..

again VERY controversial, not in line with Lucumi and I'd hazard to guess no one in Yorubaland 

would claim it either. You insinuate that Olodumare had to beg Oshun Your ideas on Ase or Ashe are noteworthy as well. You state that Eleggua is Oshun's son? Insinuate that he spreads Ashe, when most in Lucumi would say messages. I must say I've not heard that either...(I wonder what Eshu is doing...) I mean REALLY, I could go on and on (this is the Cliff note version).

     Seriously, I'm sure you are passionate and were trying to improve the article you replaced,
BUT you need more practice here on Wiki and you ABSOLUTELY need to learn more about our way of 

life, talk to your Madrina or Padrino, talk to the elders....I know I am hammering you, but along

with the nice things you wrote, you are calling my mother a prostitute, a horrific temper, a bad
mother, Mad (as in loony),frenzied..among other things...and surely you must see that that not 

only angers me, but I think I can speak for 99.9 % of Oshun's children this article angers them too. Cubaking (talk) 22:43, 12 June 2011 (UTC)


There needs to be additional information about alleged syncretism between Oshun and the Blessed Virgin Mary, something which would be inappropriate within the Christian Church, because it would technically constitute a form of idolatry. There is an AFP article which makes this peculiar claim in the context of liturgucal celebrations in the nation of Cuba. [1] ADM (talk) 13:02, 11 September 2009 (UTC)

Poisoned by honey?[edit]

I have questions regarding the associations with Oshun—in particular honey. Wasn’t she poisoned by honey? If so, a verified reference/citation here would be useful. Here is one: but if someone can verify that she was poisoned by honey, that would be great. Can someone also explain why honey is associated with her if she was poisoned by it? Usually associations to deities/spirits would suggest useful offerings. — Preceding unsigned comment added by ST2526 (talkcontribs) 11:57, 20 September 2011 (UTC)