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POV Campaign Section[edit]

The section on the 2006 campaign was biased as hell. I deleted the worst-offending sections. If you want to include a section on the debate, go ahead and do it but try to do it neutrally. 19:40, 20 October 2006 (UTC)

someone keeps vandalizing the Randy Iwase entry. They might "think" they are helping but it is vandalism and will be reported.

Ahem.. All I am going to say is, exhibit A! (How it was) I "think" there is a NPOV issue here. Anyway, feel free to improve the page as you see fit. (Remember that pesky NPOV thing though!)

Yes, please improve it. I'm not saying that my prose is the greatest. It just seems that someone, I'm not saying it's you, was copping a major attitude. "I don't like the way it's written so I'm vandalizing the entire page and I'll do it again to make the point."

Well. If you look at the chain of edits, actually read the article, you can see how much work was put into it. A few sentences at a time. Some of the content is from the politician's website (just the facts, the story is rewritten so there's not a copyright issue), so yeah it might sound to some like a politician's website, so what; some was original research, cites were being added as the research was done. It was all as factual as could be. Given that this is a current election, it would seem that a factual, developing article would serve the public better than, "I don't like the tone so here it goes into the bit bucket.

These two definitions apply:


   Removing all or significant parts of articles (sometimes replacing the removed content with profanities) is a common vandal edit.

Childish vandalism

   Adding graffiti or blanking pages.

Blanking or Childish vandalism will be reported.


Randy Iwase returned to Hawai'i with his JD degree and worked as a deputy attorney general. Year by year, he assumed greater responsibility in business and in politics. He became known for getting the job done rather than "big talk". Randy was the man you could call on to help. He would lend a hand and get the job done.hes cool too vote for him yo

The "you can call on to help" was my edit. Here's the story. About 7-8 years ago, I went to visit Randy. I called his office. His secretary or aide said, "Senator Iwase isn't available. He's at a high school, he's painting the building."

One of the 10 most powerful politicians in the state is wearing his old clothes and is helping paint a public school building??? This wasn't a photo-op, this was just Randy helping out.

I thought that putting that incident in was a little "over the top" although true so I toned it down (NPOV'ed it) to a generic, "you could call on to help". Anyway, from working on other pieces, where I know the story, it's clear that NPOV is in the eye of the beholder. In one case, some religeous fanatics claimed that saying anything less than glowing religeous fanaticism about them was NOT NPOV.

A NPOV piece does not mean bland. Some people are positive role models, have high ideals, are interesting, and have substantive accomplishments.

Accuracy and balance are important. Telling the story is important. How do you report on Randy's childhood experiences without sounding a little Readers Digest? Do you leave it out? The bouncing around from grandparents to grandparents sensitized him to the housing situation in Hawai'i. Housing might not be a big deal where you are but it is key in Hawai'i. See "Land, Wealth, and Power in Hawai'i", a book about power politics and land grabs.

And, yes, Randy is cool. I left that in because, well, although I might not write that way, someone thought it was a worthy comment and I respect that.

--PatDonovan130 06:39, 18 October 2006 (UTC)

I'm not getting into any edit wars, I'm done with this article. --PatDonovan130 06:46, 18 October 2006 (UTC)