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  • The forced conversion of Hindus resulted in widespread protests in Malabar. In August 1788, the Raja of Parappanad, a chieftain of Nilamboor, Trichera Thiruppad, and many other Hindu nobles who had been carried away earlier to Coimbatore by Tipu Sultan, were forcibly converted to Islam. Nairs rose up against their the Muslims under Mysore rule.[1]

In 1788, Ravi Varma, a rebel hailed from the Zamorin dynasty, proclaimed his rule of the region and marched to Calicut with his Nair army. Though Tipu conferred on him a jagir, or vast area of tax-free land, to appease him, the Zamorin prince, after promptly taking charge of the jaghire, continued his rebellion against the Mysore power. The Nair army defeated under the superior Mysore lines lead by M. Lally and Mir Asar Ali Khan.[2] However, during the above operations, Ravi Varma assisted not less than 30,000 Brahmins to flee the country and take refuge in Travancore.[3]


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