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a list of moves to add[edit]

  • DOUBLE LEG. Shot to inside/with penetration step, head outside, arms around both legs, shoulder against legs, spin to lift with outside leg, ending with torso against opponent's side, lift and drive away from head.
  • OUTSIDE SINGLE LEG. Shot to outside, grab near heel, spin to face opponent's side, lift ankle up from the mat, towards yourself and away from opponent.
  • DUCKUNDER. From collar tie with inside control, when opponent's weight is forward, lower level while maintaining opponent's head just above your shoulder, pull opponent's elbow towards yourself, outside step around opponent while going under the arm, lowering and moving until behind opponent, arm trapping head and arm, in referee's position.
  • ANKLE PICK. From collar tie, when opponent's weight is forward, lower level while holding the neck, lowering until shoulder's beneath hips, use free hand to grab near heel, penetration step toward opponent while pulling heel toward yourself and holding neck.
  • BASIC CROSSBODY HIPTOSS. From over-under tie, inside backstep turning towards overhook while keeping your hips lower than the opponent's, keeping your balance centered over your hips or slightly forward, and your ribs in contact with your opponent's chest, then spin on leg towards opponent's head to sit holding away from opponent, still holding overhook, weight on your butt. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 00:19, 4 November 2010 (UTC)