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Expansion and Citation[edit]

This article is incomplete with several sections needing to be expanded in more detail. The production section is too short and has more information that can be added to the article, sources for additional information include interviews with the director which goes into more detail on the film. The reception section is also too short and needs more interviews from notable critics added to it, with some that should be from Australian critics because of its release there. I have added some information on the film's theatrical release including some on the film's box office but these are incomplete and need to be expanded in more detail. On source in the awards sub-section is unsourced and needs to be give a proper citation. Finally the lead section also needs to be expanded, using copy edits. All of these changes and additions need to occur in order for this article to meet Wikipiedia's guidelines and standards of a well developed and properly sourced article.--Paleface Jack (talk) 19:20, 17 June 2016 (UTC)

There is also more information that can be added on the film's production.--Paleface Jack (talk) 16:22, 30 June 2016 (UTC)