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A different prespective[edit]

TH has been called the first ever "gay science fiction story".[1] The narrator is suddenly enveloped by a typhoon and swept up to the moon, which is inhabited by a society of men that are at war with the sun. After distinguishing himself in combat, the king gives the hero his son the prince in marriage. The all male society reproduces (male children only) by giving birth from the thigh or by growing a child from a plant produced by planting the left testicle in the moon's soil.Ref: Dynes, Johansson, Percy & Donaldson, Pg. 752, "Science Fiction". —Preceding unsigned comment added by Yobmod (talkcontribs) 11:17, 28 October 2008

What tosh. In the absence of the Judeo-Christian sexual repression and oppression which formed the "gay" self identity, there was no need for such pigeonholing of sexual preferences. In Classical culture sexual behaviour was only an issue in terms of self control, moderation of appetite, and the weakness derived from compulsive pleasure seeking, little different than we see food and drink today; and to some degree ( largely in a comic context ) the inferences balance of power between the penetrator and penetratee. Omni-sexuality was the norm, and most probably still is if we were to shed most of our post-Christian cultural baggage.
But no doubt, you are enthused by the recent pro-gay propaganda being forced down everyones throats at breakneck speed. And no doubt oblivious to the fact that it is heartily supported by the mainstream media, not from sympathy, but because a preponderance within the light entertainment and information media spheres has made self identifying "gays" a useful group to mobilise as propagandists for aggressive ultra-capitalist expansion. Hell, there are cultural "gays" now who aren't even homosexual - theres a career in it. And so we get "Putin hates the gays" and other such nonsense - giving people the option between cheering for endless war or being considered a homophobe. And see how easily the formerly pacifistic self identifying group known as "gays" have become stormtroopers for mass murder, simply by being offered even further improvement to their existing status as perhaps the most employed, wealthy and entirely un oppressed segment of western society. That's not enough, we should get a parade every ten minutes to tell us how great we are!
Its a step up, no doubt, from gay bashing and genuine homophobia. But a very small step in the grand scheme of things. And the rehabilitation of the near universally rich, employed, "gay" community has come with a side dish of massive sexual repression of all other forms of "unconventional" sexual behaviour. And no, I don't just mean the almost non-existent genuine "paedophiles" - I mean all non conventional but consensual recreational sexual behaviours prevalent among people, but frowned on by a disseminated consensus. Witness the sly introduction of restrictive pornography laws, which inevitably leads to criminality and moral exile. Witness the perceived age of consent hurtle towards 30. Witness liberal sexual behaviour by females now openly cited as a just reason to refuse employment.
So much for sexual freedom. The "gays" sure jumped off that ship as soon as the Neo-Cons offered them a middle management role in the corporations big social manipulation project.
So try not to be too "proud".
We presently fall over ourselves to abuse a temporarily unpopular group of racist scum for their "pride", while allowing amore semitic group of racist scum to use the existence of those other racists as armour while they to work together to seize all resources and wage world war. Who gets to be "proud" at different times, changes over time, according to whose the dominant ideological faction. People, of course, are actually fundamentally the same. Selfish, simple minded, conformist,and nothing to be proud of.
You haven't done anything. You might as well have a parade where tracksuited chavs dance naked in the streets to celebrate that they like "the bitches". And the World Goat Fuckers Union party down the day after. Liking a particular destination for ones penis is not an achievement.
There is no such thing as "gay" anyway, as mentioned before. It is a temporary self identity formed in an environment of oppression.
And to return to the environment of oppression which formed this temporary "gay" identity and culture ( a particularly vacuous and dissolute culture at that )It is an environment so far dissipated in the west that we are right on the cusp of the reverse, as the self identifying "gay" community increasingly dictate moral and political imperatives from their offices to the impoverished and clueless chavs. At present these imperatives largely consist of "gays are like soooooo awesome" and "all insufficiently capitalist countries must burn". All those people being beheaded just so "gays" can have an extra street party or two is not something to celebrate.
This is not even to go into how women still exist in an intellectual prison where society forces them to exist largely as painted children, simultaneously encouraged to compete to display overt sexual characteristics in an almost comically excessive way and exist in a frisson of prepared hostility to any affirmative reaction to those characteristics - in lieu of stigma, abuse and shameful social ostracism. A prison which is a casual gift from the largely "gay" driven light entertainment and cosmetic consumer industries which persuade women from birth that consuming is their only acceptable interest.
So, at the very least, you could not stomp around claiming classical works as part of the canon of your ludicrous self-important,and temporary, self identifying group. The human race; "gays", "straights" and "goat felchers" alike, will in no way have left our archaic phase of intellectual development until all those terms are a mere puzzle for historians.
So put that in your "gay" pipe, smoke it, and get some perspective. If you are gay - recall the world has real issues beyond your petty desire for appreciation. And if you aren't gay - maybe pick a group which is actually oppressed to propagandise for - like poor people.

Batchuba (talk) 16:44, 7 January 2015 (UTC)

quality of prose[edit]

Is there any criticism of the quality of the prose that could be included? I also wonder about criticism of the plot, i.e. is the prose structured to satirize typical myth prose? Or is the pace similar to the stories it is criticizing or does it also satirize that by make it extreme? Is it regarded as well written or more as significant because of the SF nature? 018 (talk) 22:32, 2 February 2010 (UTC)

  1. ^ Lynne Yamaguchi Fletcher The First Gay Pope and other records, Pg. 95, Alyson Publications: 1992 ISBN-13: 978-1555832063