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Article's tone[edit]

A lot of the article's new content contains artistic jargon or descriptions from professional artist reviews (i.e.:"His act of comprehending the world is the very practice of reality and this cannot be dissociated in terms of its relationship to the self or to the body, nor can it be extricated from the context in or against which it has chosen to take a stance.", "In other works from the same Renais sense series, the hybrid identity and transgender visual rhetoric is replaced by the representation of the androgynous.", "In these happenings, he shows that photography consists of a set of practices that are meant to technically stage the apparition of an image, but that the image only seems to correspond to reality, and is ultimately nothing but an illusion." among many others). That content is entirely unsourced, possibly written by a COI contributor, reads in large part like a personal essay, and it is so riddled with jargon, that the statements are almost incomprehensible for non-artists. Wikipedia is a general knowledge encyclopedia, not an artistic journal. Also WP:COI may be of interest. GermanJoe (talk) 07:37, 25 July 2015 (UTC)