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Moved comment here originally left in article[edit] left the following comment in the article, which I moved here instead:

Chemical structure is erroneous in position of one of the nitrogens.
Thanks for pointing that out! It's fixed now. Tavilis 08:20, 11 November 2006 (UTC)

Wrong name or wrong structure[edit]

The image currently shown is this one:

Urocanic acid.svg

And the IUPAC name shown is:

(E)-3-(1H-imidazol-5-yl)prop-2-enoic acid

One of these is wrong. It must either be:

  • 1H-imidazol-4-yl
  • 3H-imidazol-5-yl

I will assume the structure is correct since it matches histidine and will change the name to the first one I listed. Cburnett (talk) 00:22, 26 June 2011 (UTC)